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Incredible Things

At Cookeville Regional, Every Day Is Incredible

From our ER to our birthing unit to our heart, vascular and neurosurgical care and beyond, extraordinary things are happening daily here at Cookeville Regional. That’s because, for many years, we’ve worked to bring together exceptional providers and staff with state-of-the-art technology and the latest, leading-edge procedures. The results for our patients and their families have been nothing short of incredible. We hope you enjoy reading some of their stories here.

Angie Vaughn

Although she didn't exhibit noticeable symptoms, Angie felt compelled to seek guidance from Dr. Stacy Brewington, a cardiologist at Tennessee Heart and Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC).

Dr. Jeffrey Moore

Are you living with chronic hip pain, wondering if there's a way to regain your active lifestyle? Choosing Cookeville Regional for both of his hip replacements was an easy decision for Dr. Moore.

Duane Perron

Cookeville Regional Medical Center is excited to announce the relocation and enhancement of their Outpatient Infusion Center.

Larry Pearson

A lifelong Cookeville resident and seasonal Santa, says he received incredible care at Cookeville Regional, both during and after his heart attack.

IncredibleThings - woman holding a baby

Alexia Dukes

For expectant mothers in Cookeville and the surrounding areas, Cookeville Regional Medical Center is a top choice for labor and delivery. Recently, Cookeville resident Alexia Dukes gave birth to her second child, daughter Grayson, at CRMC and had a wonderful experience.