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At Cookeville Regional Medical Center, we want you to be informed about your health care. In some instances, a trip to the emergency department can be avoided. Here are some examples of types of conditions typically treated in an urgent care clinic and emergency department.

When to visit the
Emergency Department

Chest pain or pressure
Compound fracture (a bone that protrudes through the skin)
Head injuries
Severe abdominal pain
Shortness of breath
Sudden severe headache, paralysis or weakness
Uncontrolled bleeding
Signs of a stroke:
F--face drooping
A--arm weakness
S--speech difficulty
T--time to call 911

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When to visit the
Urgent Care Clinic

Back or muscle pain
Cuts and minor burns
Skin conditions
Sprains or joint pain
Upper respiratory infection
Urinary tract infections
Flu/strep/COVID testing

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Get the help you need.

Should you feel you are experiencing a medical emergency or are in labor, the Cookeville Regional Medical Center’s emergency department shall provide a screening exam and necessary treatment to address your condition.

ALWAYS call 911 and don’t drive yourself to the emergency department if you are having difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, a life or limb injury or heart attack or stroke symptoms.