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Get the latest news on COVID-19, the vaccine and care at CRMC. Learn more

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To improve patient safety, to establish guidelines for vendor activity and to promote positive relationships with business partners, Cookeville Regional requires that all vendor representatives utilize Reptrax for checking in and out of the hospital and, in certain cases, establishing credentials


Reptrax is Cookeville Regional’s web-based credentialing vendor.

Click below and follow instructions to sign up as a new vendor rep. You will be asked to choose a vendor category that best describes your role. The category will determine which credentials you need to provide.

Once you have submitted all of the necessary documentation for your vendor category, you’ll receive an email from Reptrax telling you that you’ve been approved. At that point, you will then be eligible to visit and receive a badge from one of many locations (listed below) in the hospital.

Contact information is below for any questions you may have.



The Reptrax Customer Service Team is available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST.

Phone: 214-222-7484, option 3

If this is your first visit and you have questions, please call any of these extensions at Cookeville Regional.

2016, 2703, 2014, 2032, 2033, 2034, 5119, or 2774 (From outside the hospital, please dial (931) 783 and then the extension.)



For premium Reptrax representatives: Cookeville Regional Medical Center Central Supply Department
For service technicians and plant facilities’ vendors: Plant Facilities’ Offices
For pharmaceutical representatives: North Patient Tower Lobby

For all others with base Reptrax membership:

North Patient Tower Lobby
East Entrance lobby

Materials Management Office, 1440 N. Washington Ave., Cookeville, TN