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Alexia Dukes

IncredibleThings - woman holding a baby

For expectant mothers in Cookeville and the surrounding areas, Cookeville Regional Medical Center is a top choice for labor and delivery. Recently, Cookeville resident Alexia Dukes gave birth to her second child, daughter Grayson, at CRMC and had a wonderful experience.

“My labor with her was a whirlwind,” said Dukes. “It came in fast, I was overwhelmed, and I think my husband was a little overwhelmed, too.”

She chose CRMC for this birth because of how well they cared for her when she was giving birth to her first child, son Carson, at the hospital.

“We do have other options nearby, but I think the great experience I had with birthing my son just led us right back,” said Dukes. “We wouldn’t choose any other hospital.”

The care she received when delivering her second child at the CRMC Birthing Center further affirmed her choice.

“The nurses and staff knew exactly what they needed to do and were comforting,” said Dukes. “I just remember some of the nurses speaking to me and making me feel like I had known them for years and that they were there to help me and to make me comfortable and make my experience there incredible.”

And, even though Cookeville is a relatively small town, CRMC provides a high standard of care for labor and delivery, as well many other medical needs.

“It has been incredible to drive 10 minutes to get to Cookeville Regional Medical Center and have all the care we need with labor and delivery or any other medical care we might need,” said Dukes. “Why would we go anywhere else?”

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