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Your free, online tool to sharing your family’s health journey updates! 

What is CaringBridge?
CaringBridge helps people going through health-related challenges stay connected with friends and loved ones by providing a secure, ad-free place to post updates and give and receive encouragement. For nearly 25 years, CaringBridge has made it simple and safe for patients and family caregivers to offer or ask for support when it’s needed most. CaringBridge replaces a family’s countless texts and emails with a free, easy-to-use communications platform.

Create a CaringBridge Website 

“This tool is for making the health journey easier for families while their loved one is in the hospital or walking through a healthcare journey like cancer, having a baby, stroke, or other diseases/conditions. You can type in updates and let everyone know at one time the latest news. This helps the family member who is trying to manage multiple text threads or phone chains. It is also secure and private so you can communicate without worry,” said Craig Norris, CRMC director of patient experience.

There are many features to CaringBridge like a journal to take notes, photos or videos during your stay, a personal page for setting up fundraiser and meal trains, a planner to make requests for errands, daily tasks, and to-dos, and the ability to additional co-authors to help manage the page.

Get Started! 

Step 1: Visit or download the CaringBridge mobile app to sign up and create a website with a valid email address.

Step 2: Once the email address is registered, begin personalizing the site.

Step 3: Choose privacy settings.

Step 4: Start posting updates and letting people know what is happening.

Learn more about how CaringBridge works!