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Dr. Jeffrey Moore

From Pain to Renewed Mobility —
Dr. Jeffrey Moore Discusses His Double Hip Replacement at Cookeville Regional

Are you living with chronic hip pain, wondering if there’s a way to regain your active lifestyle?

Dr. Jeffrey Moore, a general surgeon at Cookeville Regional Medical Center, faced a similar predicament but found hope and healing right here in his hometown.

“I had started hurting probably three months before I sought medical care,” said Dr. Moore, who is on his feet for most of his work and loves to hunt and fish in his free time. “I could not do the things that I normally do, and I’m a pretty active person.”

He went to Dr. Greg Roberts, an orthopedic surgeon with Cookeville Regional.

“The reason I chose Dr. Roberts is that I’ve known him for years, and I know he is an incredible surgeon,” said Dr. Moore. “I know that he does a large number of total hip replacements, and I felt very comfortable.”

After doing X-rays and performing some other tests, Dr. Roberts confirmed that Dr. Moore had a condition called avascular necrosis of the femoral head. The condition results from decreased blood flow to the end of the bone, causing significant pain and requiring total hip replacement.

Choosing Cookeville Regional for both of his hip replacements was an easy decision for Dr. Moore.

“It’s the hospital we go to for all of our various medical needs,” said Dr. Moore. “We know that the physicians and staff have state-of-the-art equipment there, and we know that anything that can be done in the big city can be done in Cookeville. And it’s close to home.”

Dr. Roberts’ use of an anterior (frontal) approach to hip replacement significantly shortened Dr. Moore’s recovery time compared to the traditional posterior approach. This approach allowed him to put weight on his leg immediately after surgery, expediting his return to work and active lifestyle.

“Today I’m able to do anything I want to,” said Dr. Moore. “I’m back to how it was before all this happened.”

Reflecting on his surgical experience at Cookeville Regional, Dr. Moore highlights the exceptional care he received.

“From the same-day staff, nursing staff, into the operating room, operating room staff and post-operative staff, everything was incredible,” said Dr. Moore. “It really was seamless. I felt that everyone cared, and that’s important.”

Dr. Moore strongly encourages others who need surgery to consider Cookeville Regional Medical Center.

“I would without question recommend Cookeville Regional Medicine Center for the care for any ailment.”

For more information about the orthopedic program at Cookeville Regional, visit

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