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CRMC Sports Medicine Center Launches Summer Sports Injury Prevention Clinic for Middle and High School Athletes and Coaches

David Maldonado DPT, ATC/L, SCS, PES, Sports Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer, works with high school student at CRMC Sports Medicine Clinic.

This summer the Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) Sports Medicine Center is launching a sports injury prevention program. Recognizing the vital importance of injury prevention strategies and safe sport, the Sports Medicine Center is offering this program for middle and high school students and coaches.

“This program aims to equip young athletes and coaches with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to protect themselves from potential sports-related injuries, as well as equip coaches with warm up and strength plans tailored to their sport and athlete fitness level,” said Christa Malone, PT, DPT, with the CRMC Sports Medicine Center. “We are offering this program for three weeks and attendees can choose one of the three weeks that best fit their schedule or can come to all of them.”

Summer injury prevention program sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays for three weeks starting the week of July 10 at 1 p.m. at the CRMC Sports Medicine Center at 146 S. Willow Ave. in Cookeville. Sessions will last 90 minutes, and the cost of the program is $80 for the week’s two sessions. Athletes and coaches may attend the program any of the three weeks it is offered: July 11 and 13, July 18 and 20, or July 25 and 27. The clinic’s team of highly trained sports medicine professionals will lead the program, ensuring participants receive expert guidance throughout.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Mobility drills to improve athlete flexibility
  • Movement assessments to look for areas of energy inefficiency, leading to increased injury risk.
  • Exercises with skill progressions to address athlete deficits

Skills that will be worked on include:

  • Jumping and landing safety mechanics
  • Jump height skill progressions
  • Cutting and agility safety mechanics
  • Cutting and agility skill progressions

Each session will end with team building exercises to promote group bonding and to bring teams together under the shared goal of safety, support and competition.

“Ultimately, we aim to improve athlete mechanics to increase performance and reduce injury. Our plan for coaches is to empower them with skills for movement analysis and tools to address their athlete’s weaknesses and help them maintain a healthy, high performing team,” Malone said.

For more information about the Summer Injury Prevention program and enrollment details, please contact CRMC Sports Medicine Center at (931) 783-2463.