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CRMC introduces Health Talks

We are talking about YOUR health – and YOU’RE invited.

Men’s Monday and Women’s Wednesday have a new name – Health Talks.

It’s a time where you can tune in and listen to the specialists and doctors at Cookeville Regional Medical Center about different health topics.

These events will be held virtually through Zoom throughout the year, but don’t worry — you will be able to also ask questions.

The first one will be held Tuesday, Sept. 21 from noon to 1 p.m. Cardiologist Dr. Scott Reising will be talking about heart health, an important topic that is not talked about much.

A few of the topics he will discuss include:

  • Best and worst diet for the heart
  • How exercise affects overall health
  • How we can reduce residual cardio metabolic risk
  • How people can be better screened to prevent heart attacks and stroke
  • How to discover increased genetic risk for cardiac events.

To sign up, visit A Zoom link will be available upon reservation.

To be added to our communications list for all events, please email!

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