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Workplace wellness program helps businesses thrive

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce.

That’s what Wanda Richardson, coordinator of the Workplace Wellness program, says about Cookeville Regional Medical Center’s program.

From health fairs, corporate physicals, lunch and learn seminars, drug testing, ergonomic analysis and physical therapy services, flu shots and immunizations to establishing a clinic on-site at the business location, there is a lot that can be provided to fit the individual business’ needs.

The corporate physical program is a preventive health and wellness initiative designed to provide a more comprehensive approach to health care.

The corporate physical is an exam that includes a thorough evaluation by a medical professional and diagnostic laboratory testing such as EKG, lung function and chest X-ray. More advanced testing, such as CAT scans, are available for individuals who have identified risk factors.

Clients receive an expedited registration process along with personal care each step of the way. Clients receive a complete summary packet along with all the medical results. The client’s physician will receive a follow up after testing and assessments are complete.

Workplace Wellness provides cost effective, quality care along with preventative education for businesses and industry.

The program also provides on-site trainings Monday-Friday for the following:

  • First aid and CPR training
  • BLS for healthcare providers
  • Bloodborne pathogens

For more information, call Richardson at 931-783-2743.


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