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Surgical Technologists Week celebrated Sept. 19-25

What are surgical technologists? They are part of a team who work alongside physicians and surgeons, registered nurses and other workers in a hospital. They help prepare for and carry out surgeries, prepare, care for and dispose of specimens taken for lab analysis and apply dressings while easing patients into recovery rooms — and much more.

They all wear scrubs while in the operating room, in addition to masks and other preventative shields. Surgical techs are on their feet a lot and may be exposed to unpleasant sights, smells and materials.

As a key member of the operating room team, the surgical technologist must anticipate the needs of the patient and the surgeon to ensure that each operation goes as smoothly as possible.

Not only are surgical techs in the operating room, but labor and delivery as well.

“As an Obstetrical Certified Surgical Technologist, I enjoy the interactions with our patients,” said Bonnie Pomeroy. “Whether it is just holding a mom’s hand for comfort or assisting in the delivery of a new baby, I am able to make a true difference, for the better, in our patients’ lives every day!”

As an OBCST, she has a lot of responsibilities that range from stocking and maintaining inventory, helping nurses with patient care to the passing of instrumentation and assisting the physicians in emergent delivery of infants.

Ashley Thompson is another OBCST who wears many hats.

“We get to be a part of our patients’ most special day, sometimes from the beginning as they walk through the doors to have their little bundle of joy until they leave to take their sweet baby home,” she said. “We greet the mamas. We update their charts, we coach them while they put in the hard work to get their baby into this world. We are a kind face they can look to when they need a smile to get them through a tough time. Our job is more than just a Cesarean section, it’s connecting with our soon-to-be-mothers. It’s holding a baby to feed because that baby can’t quite get to their mom’s room just yet. It’s helping our nurses get those mamas up after their deliveries or drawing labs so their nurse can help another mom. As an OBCST, we don’t have patients who are asleep while we work. We have moms who help bring little miracles into this world all while they bring joy to us!”

There are nine surgical techs in OB.

In addition to Thompson and Pomeroy, other OBCSTs are Creshia “Earlene” Tallent, Kimberly Bohannon, Lacy Ragland, James “Matt” Breeden, Laurie Joseph, Leah Norris and Rhonda Wright.

GI lab surgical techs are Kimmie Swann and Heather Laws.

In the OR, CSTs are Rebecca Koffas, Tommy Huie, Kristen Woods, Christy Holpp, Benita Lewis, Andrew Coplson, Pam Comer, Christina Underwood, Brittini Peak, Holly Smith, Robin Weaver, Guy Whisenant, Sheena Winningham, Savannah Cooper, Shannon Roberson, Tara Branham, Mallory McWhirter, Rhonda Stone, Jordan Houston, Ashley Grover, Katie Kuntzelman, Nicholas Allen, Heather Guy, Destiny Howard, Noah Alonge and Kalyn Roberts.

Thank you for what you do to make this hospital a great place to work and get medical care!

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