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Surgicalist Program

Improved Patient Outcomes

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What is a surgicalist?

When a patient comes through the emergency department needing urgent general surgery, they will be cared for by a surgicalist.

Surgicalists are general surgeons who work only in the hospital and are immediately available to respond to patients who are brought into the emergency department with an urgent surgical condition.

The surgicalist will follow the patient through their hospital stay and also see them after their hospital discharge for a post-operative follow-up visit every Friday in their office located at 145 W. 4th St., suite 102 (the Professional Office Building) in Cookeville.

The surgicalist will keep the patient’s primary care physician informed about the surgical care provided for his or her patient and arrange for any specialty care, therapy or consultations with other specialists.

They will then transition the patient’s medical care back to the patient’s primary provider, or to another specialty physician if needed, who will manage the medical treatment after discharge from the hospital.

Meet the Experts

Terah Isaacson, MD, FACS, FASCRS


Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Chinmay S. Majmundar, MD


Cookeville Regional Medical Center