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Planning on traveling soon? The travel clinic can help!

After more than a year of shutdowns, things are slowly starting to get back up and running. That includes traveling.

People travel to around the world for a variety of reasons: mission work or other functions to help those in the poorest areas of the world.

But before you travel to those exotic (or maybe not-so-exotic) areas, make sure you have the necessary vaccines.

The Travel Clinic of Cookeville Regional Medical Group can help. Dr. Mark Pierce offers services for those who plan to travel abroad.

“The Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization recommend travelers going to North and West Africa get the Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, rabies, anthrax and meningitis vaccines,” said Dr. Pierce.

Malaria is common in Africa, with some cases even being reported in the United States.

As the director of the Travel Clinic of Cookeville Regional Medical Group, Dr. Pierce has extensive experience in the treatment and prevention of foreign illnesses.

The clinic provides itinerary consultation, site-specific health recommendations, vaccinations, and treatment of travel-related illnesses.

Available vaccinations at the clinic include tetanus/diphtheria, polio, Hepatitis A and B.

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