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What is the DAISY Award?

An acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem, The DAISY Foundation was formed in November 1999, by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at age 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). The nursing care Patrick received when hospitalized profoundly touched his family. Visit for more information.


CRMC Nurse Madison Paxton, R.N.

May 2024

Madison Paxton, R.N.

Madison Paxton’s nomination stated, “Madison took great care of me during a tragic time. She gave me strength; I’ve thought about her since that day. Madison made sure that she sat down with me and explained everything that would happen, from the exam to all the questions and the people coming in and out of the room. She stayed with me when new people came in to ask questions and made sure that I knew that all I had to do was say stop, and she would make everyone stop and leave. Madison gave me a voice and made me feel I had control over what was happening. She put my hair in a bun with her hair tie, and I’ve worn it on my wrist ever since. I’ll look at that hair tie when I need to feel strong or if I feel nervous. Thank you to Madison for being there for me and making an impact. She meant so much to me that day, and every day since.” Nurses can be nominated by anyone - patients, family members, other nurses, physicians, other clinicians, and staff who experience or observe extraordinary compassionate care being provided by a nurse.

Rad Cuebas- DAISY Award

April 2024

Rad Cuebas, R.N.

Rad received multiple nominations, with his first stating, “Rad was such a God send during a tough time for our mother and family. He was just so sweet to her and treated her like she was his grandmother. He doted on her without anyone asking, making her feel special and not like a burden. She was having issues with confusion and high CO2 levels. He checked on her regularly to make sure she didn’t need anything. We have a large family, and I’m sure he had to explain the same thing repeatedly, but he was always very polite, thorough and respectful. The other nurses were pleasant, and we noticed they regularly called for his help. He was more than willing to help them all. We appreciate him so much!” Rad’s second nomination stated, “Nurse Rad was making rounds checking on patients and had come into the room where he found my grandmother crying. He instantly came into the room, asking her if she was okay and how he could help. He went to get her a Sprite and jello, sat down, and began a simple conversation with her until she had calmed down. He had gone out of his way several times for her to make sure she was comfortable and taken care of. He has been the best-registered nurse we have come into contact with! He always has a smile on his face and is eager to help in any way he possibly can. Then, after being discharged for two weeks, I walked back in due to her being readmitted. He instantly recognized me, took care of his patient, and escorted me to her room, expressing his concern for her and the changes that she had experienced within two weeks. He also expressed his hopes for her to get better. More places need a Rad in their facility!”

Kelly Denton, R.N.

March 2024

Kelly Denton, R.N.

Kelly received multiple nominations. Her first nomination stated, “Kelly is incredibly compassionate and helpful. She helped to comfort of our family during the death process as our loved one was preparing for organ donation.” Kelly’s second nomination stated, “I was training downstairs in imaging when I got a text saying that my aunt had been admitted to the ICU. I knew she was having health issues, but she had just been released a couple of days ago, and I thought she was getting better. So I clocked out and went upstairs to see her. No one had prepared me to see her like she was because no one was there with her because of the snow. When I was crying alone with my aunt on a ventilator, Kelly comforted me, and by taking great care of my aunt, she was able to give me peace of mind. Her kindness kept me steady because I knew she was in great care. Meeting a nurse like Kelly reminded me why I wanted to become a nurse. Someday, I hope to be a nurse like Kelly with such compassion.” Her last nomination said, “My husband ended up in the ICU around week two of a three-week hospital stay. He had been healthy up until this incident, which included heart failure, for an unknown reason. While in the hospital, he continued to decline. He required dialysis and ICU monitoring for his low blood pressure. That is where we met our angel, Kelly Denton. Kelly went above and beyond from day one. We were nervous and scared as we didn’t know what was causing all of the issues. Kelly made sure we understood everything that was happening. She advocated for us when we didn’t fully understand everything that was happening with his kidney failure and dialysis. I rarely left the hospital, but when I did, Kelly made sure I was kept in the loop regarding any changes. My husband and I both had birthdays during his stay in the ICU. It was late evening when she found out it was my birthday. She gave me the biggest birthday hug and promptly ran to find me a cake. She was not working on my husband’s birthday, but she made sure the nurse on shift knew it was his birthday and insisted that they bring him cake, and they did. Kelly went above and beyond to not only care for my husband during this very scary time but also make us feel at home. She took care of him as well as me. We will forever remember and be grateful for our angel, nurse Kelly.”

Alyson Jones, RN

February 2024

Alyson Jones, R.N.

Alyson's nomination reads, "My reason for nominating may not truly come across on paper. My daughter is blind and autistic with multiple issues. She recently had to, once again, come to the ER. She was more alert this time and was very anxious. She functions on a 2-3-year-old level and is actually 32. She’s just a doll. She has started having seizures, and this has thrown us for a loop. She is nonverbal and cannot relay her feelings. On this day, Allison was her nurse. The ED was so busy with more significant emergencies than ours. Allison never made us feel like we were a bother. She did the opposite. But the biggest thing I remember is her patience. When she had to stick my daughter, who has been stuck many times, she said, “I can handle sticking her; I just don’t want her to be afraid.” I teared up. She gets it. She understood my daughter, whom so many don’t. Thankful she was our nurse. She didn’t see my child as “the hard patient.”

Jordan White, RN, DAISY Award Winner

January 2024

Jordan White, R.N.

Jordan’s nomination stated, “No words can convey how wonderful and compassionate she treated me. Words to help describe Jordan are healing, awesome, and angel. She meant the world to us and kept my family up-to-date daily. I’m a retired police officer, and I know when someone is putting me on. Jordan is the real deal, hands down.” The patient wrote a poem to express his experience and the care he received. Jordan-Like the River I was admitted in the dark of the night, With the devil seeking to take my life. Angels of Glory, held me up by threads Then came Jordan where I rested my head Dark was the place where I had gone, Death was upon me, the devil danced his song The voice of God I did hear I opened my eyes, Jordan did appear With warmth from her heart, Skill from her hands. I live on to be a better man.

DAISY Award - Rebecca McCallister

December 2023

Rebecca McCallister, R.N.

“My husband was a patient for the third time since September 2022 at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. He was admitted for heart vascular stent placement. We were moved from Critical Vascular ICU to 4N, where we had great nurses. Rebecca McCallister was one of them, and she was outstanding. Rebecca was so knowledgeable, and her skills were great. She was kind and patient not only with my husband but also with me. She was a comfort to both of us, explaining the unknown issues and helping us understand. My husband has a very bad hearing problem, even with hearing aids. Rebecca was so good at making sure he understood what she was saying. She helped us to understand more about home care as we were looking to be discharged as this was new to us. Rebecca became very special to us and is a very extraordinary nurse. She was there for our every need.” Another nomination stated, “Rebecca was a very caring and efficient nurse. She helped Ken but encouraged him to do as much as he could on his own. She helped train the family on the best ways to continue encouraging and helping him. CRMC is very lucky to have a nurse like Rebecca, who treats patients with dignity and compassion. We noticed she was also helping train student nurses, and she did an excellent job. We are lucky that Rebecca was assigned to our care!”

Cassandra Martin, RN

November 2023

Cassandra Martin, R.N.

"It is with great appreciation that I write this letter to acknowledge the exceptional care the nurses and staff have shown our son on 5 East at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. Our little boy has been a patient several times over the past year for his breathing issues. When I think of an extraordinary nurse I think of Cassandra. She has been amazing supporting us as parents and more importantly caring for our son from the start of his hospital stay to the very end. Our son has autism and often becomes fearful of being in the hospital. Cassandra just has a special way of making our son feel less scared and she takes the time to explain everything that she will do. He has a hard time taking medicine at times and she is very patient with him. When we are first assigned a room, even if she is not his nurse for that particular shift she will still come by and say hello to our son which means so much to us! Cassandra has been his discharge nurse several times during different hospital stays and she always makes sure we understand how to best take care of our son when he comes home from the hospital. She thoroughly goes over the paperwork that explains his medications and the steps to take if he were to start feeling worse. I have complete confidence and trust in Cassandra when she is caring for our son and we are so grateful for her as his nurse." A second nomination reads, “Cassie went above and beyond her normal nursing for me while I was there. She was extra helpful, caring (genuine), compassionate, and helped me in every way possible. She made the difference in my hospital stay. I have a great phobia for hospitals ever since I was 15 years old and in a car wreck that put me flat on my back in the hospital for a full year. I couldn’t ever turn over for that whole time. I died a couple times before they even got me to the hospital. My head was split wide open. The ambulance guy had to hold a compress around his hand and lay his hand on my skull. I broke every bone in my back I had to learn how to walk again! This is why I am so grateful to all these sweet nurses on 5E, especially this one young lady. God bless you. You are an Angel!”

Grant Holman, RN, latest winner of the DAISY Award

October 2023

Grant Holman, R.N.

I had to have Open Heart Surgery, 2 bypasses, a Cox Maze, and a pacemaker. I was terrified going into the surgery and really worried about the recovery. While all of the nurses in the CVICU are top notch, Grant stood out to me from the minute he came in my room and introduced himself. He was my nurse several shifts while I was in the CVICU and each time I realized he was assigned to me, I felt a sense of calm. He is just a genuinely kindred person and made me feel like he had gone to school to be a nurse just so that he could take care of me during my stay. He was so compassionate and caring to me and my family, so thorough and knowledgeable with my care, he explained everything to me and was eager to answer any question or address any concern I had, and was my biggest cheerleader when I needed it most (the first few days after the surgery)! Especially when I still had chest tubes in and the pain was almost unbearable, he assured me with every step I took that the next stroll we took would be easier than the one we were on. I never once had to push nurses alert because he was always one step ahead of anything I thought I might need. He interacted with my family to make sure they understood my care while I was hospitalized and always asked if there was anything they needed. Each shift when I saw him walk into my room, I felt almost a calm relief. Every visitor I had commented on what an awesome nurse I had assigned to me. Cookeville Regional Medical Center has a fantastic group of professionals but in my eyes Grant Holman raises the bar for everyone there!! That hospital is blessed to have him representing what they stand for in our community. His second nomination stated "Grant was the nurse on duty the second day my husband was in the CVICU I walked in just as he and another nurse intubated him. He could see both my husband and I were concerned and my husband was frightened not knowing where he was and why. He calmed my husband down and was incredibly patient answering the same questions over & over again until he was calmed down. He also made me feel very welcome & told me to make myself comfortable. He asked me throughout the shift if I had questions. He was also available for me to go to. When my husband was transferred to the medical ICU, he came along with us to assist him on getting settled. He was such a blessing at such a scary time."

Taylor Brown, RN, recipient of the DAISY award

September 2023

Taylor Brown, R.N.

My mom was rushed to Cookeville Regional Medical Center. She was admitted that night and was rushed to ICU. She was septic, in acute kidney failure, and cardiac shock, after returning to the floor after being in the ICU. She had the best nurse I could ever ask for. His name is Taylor. He was kind and funny and made every scary situation a little bit better. When mom first arrived she was very confused, disoriented, and had no idea what was going on, but she always knew when Taylor was in the room. He’s been there for twelve hours a day every day making sure that she was okay, watching her progress, and keeping me informed. I don’t think I could’ve made it through this difficult time without him. At times, when mom was scared and so was I, he would get right down with her and hold her hand and tell her she could do it and that she would be okay. He always made sure I had what I needed while staying in the hospital constantly with her. I’ve never met a nurse as perfect as Taylor. I don’t think we could’ve made it this far and that I could’ve been as strong as I am without such a dedicated, kind, caring, and loving nurse. I can’t thank him enough. There are not enough words or the right way to say it, but I really feel like he was mom’s angel! He could get her to take pills that she didn’t want to take. He would joke with her and always have a way to keep her calm. He was right there to cheer her on when she made little advancements, whether it was just being able to stand up from bed or finally walking down the hallway. He was her biggest cheerleader. You never would’ve known that he had other patients, but he did he always made my mom feel like she was the number one priority and made me know that she was safe and well cared for from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. I will never be able to express my gratitude to you, Taylor.

DAISY Award winner Jamie Hammock, RN

August 2023

Jamie Hammock, RN

I met Jamie near the end of a 2-week hospital stay with my brother. I had done everything possible for him and he was in his final hours of life. The hospital staff was very professional and I was thankful for everything they did to make him more comfortable. I was exhausted and trying to prepare myself for what was going to happen soon. I’d lost a daughter (age 34), a husband (age 21) and a granddaughter (age 15), so I knew all too well of the death process. When Jamie came on duty to care for my brother, I felt a peace that she was there. Without saying a word, I felt her heart reach out to me. The comfort I felt gave me what I desperately needed to get through the end of his journey. Jamie is special like every nurse who cares for a patient. She knew what to do in every situation and she did it well. But Jamie had a way of knowing that I was brave on the outside but weary and alone inside. Her smiles and her hugs became the strength I needed. She was so genuine and so easy to talk to. For the short time that we were together, she walked that walk with me. My brother passed, but thank you Jamie for making a difference in his life and in mine.

July 2023

Amber Sells, LPN

My mom (age 70) was admitted to CRMC on in May with an ammonia level of 208. She was almost in a coma. Once admitted, they transferred her to the 6th floor. Amber has been her night shift nurse and I can’t begin to brag on her enough. She has been a light in what seems to be a dark hole we have been consumed by. Amber comes in every night with a smile to say hello to let us know she has to get reports and will see us soon. The positive energy felt when she walks into the room is so comforting. Amber has always been attentive and compassionate, even when my mom was just talking to be talking, not once has she dismissed my mother or acted better than. I am truly stunned at the genuine concern and compassion she has for her patients. Amber seems to remember why she chose her profession and that her patients are someone’s loved one. Amber was and has been informative on my mother’s condition, she keeps us up to date which is something I am appreciative of since I am not a health care professional. Amber has been very patient and understanding with my mom and with our family members. She always asks if we need anything and helps whenever requested. It is truly an answered prayer to have an amazing nurse, especially since the hospital isn’t the best place anyone wants to be. And trust me we are not here by choice. Amber’s spirit is strong and she is a true advocate for her patients. I am truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to watch her in action with Mom. Amber has given me hope that there are still good humans left on Earth who genuinely care for others and their well-being. Please Amber, do not ever change. We need more light in a dark world.

April 2023

Danielle Jenkins, RN, The Birthing Center

I went in for a regular 16-week checkup as a pregnant woman. At that appointment, I was told my precious baby had no heartbeat. The next day I went to the hospital in fear of the day. All of the people that helped me that day were angels; however, Danielle was there with a warm smile, even though I am sure she dreaded the seriousness of the day. She was so gentle, but explained exactly how everything would go that day. I remember her saying, “There will be good times today, but there were going to be really tough times.” She was exactly right. Danielle not only went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of, but she also made sure my husband and mom were doing okay every step of the way. My sweet baby boy came into the world, and he was absolutely beautiful, all 5 1/2 inches of him. I had some complications but through it all, Danielle never left me. She helped me so much through every moment. Because of a complication I had to go into surgery. When they brought me back to the room she was there, despite her shift being over. She stayed over just to check on me and make sure she said goodbye. As long as I live, I will never forget Danielle, and how she made one of the worst days of my life better. If anyone needs to win this award, it would be her. She is a selfless person, whom I owe a lot to.

March 2023

Heather Nolen, LPN, 5 East

Heather has been an exceptional nurse during my time at CRMC. She has attended to all my needs with extreme kindness and understanding. She is willing to do anything to make me more comfortable, even if it isn’t a pleasant experience. At the same time, she is telling me not to worry about causing her trouble. She has been very knowledgeable about my many medicines, always keeping a close check on what is allowed and when it should be administered. When my deep cough kept getting worse, she checked to see if a cough suppressant could be given. It helped a lot. Heather answered all my questions, sometimes reminding me that patients respond differently to different things. She made me feel like a special patient even though I feel like she treats all patients special. She said she loved the geriatric patients and I am definitely one of those. Thank you Heather.

February 2023

Sherry Taylor, RN, infusion center

Sherry Taylor, RN in the infusion center, is the recipient of the February 2023 DAISY Award. Her nomination is from a patient who has been to the same unit a few times and had several opportunities to observe the staff. “I have to say that I took note of this nurse’s capability of going way above and beyond the scope of normal patient care. She absolutely cares about each and every patient that comes in her unit and it shows. It was obvious to me after I observed all the nurses on my first visit that this nurse was exceptional. That quality that makes her so special is that it is just second nature to her. She seems to honestly enjoy her patients and that is refreshing, especially considering the kind of day she may have had before I got there. Sherry always has a great attitude and tries to find something that the patients may need, maybe things they didn’t know they needed until she offered, like a blanket. It seems as if she just started her day even in the afternoon after a hectic morning because she is so caring, friendly and helpful every day. She is so professional at all times.” Congratulations, Sherry!

January 2023

Ashley Frizzell, RN, 5 North

Ashley went above and beyond to help a patient's family find out what was going on. In November 2022, the patient was admitted from the ER. A few days later, the patient contracted a virus and was very ill, and by the end of that week, she was out of it mentally. The nurses were thinking she was always like and had dementia. But one of the nurses on duty when she was admitted knew this was not her normal behavior and looked back through her old records to see if she could find any answers. The family started sharing history with Ashley and Ashley kept digging into the patient's records and ran additional tests. The nomination states, "It was a group effort with Ashley, the nurse who was on duty when she was admitted and a nurse practitioner, but I feel like if Ashley had not kept digging into the history and talked to the hospitalist who treated her a few years ago, she would never improve. I'm happy to report she is doing therapy, getting stronger every day and her memory is improving more like she was before getting ill. "

December 2022

Ashleigh L. Dalton, BSN, RN, stepdown and peds

Ashleigh L. Dalton, BSN, RN, stepdown and peds, is the recipient of the December 2022 DAISY Award. Her nomination comes from the mother of a three week old little boy who was admitted to the hospital after a positive RSV test and needed oxygen. Ashleigh was always ready to answer any questions about medications and machines being used. After one night, the team decided the child was getting worse and he would be transferred to Vanderbilt where he could have more targeted care. The mother was scared for her child and Ashleigh immediately comforted her. She told her that he would be taken care of and that there are great doctors ready to help him. She seemed like she was born to be a nurse. She was so quick but calm and gentle in all she did for the infant. Before they were transferred, Ashleigh made sure she had things to take a shower and get ready for what would end up being a two week stay at Vanderbilt. “My son is now well and we are home but I could not have even begun that journey to support my son without the support of that total stranger whom I now consider a friend.”

October 2022

Allison Gernt, RN, ED case worker

Her nomination comes from the granddaughter of a patient. My grandmother always tried to avoid going to the hospital. However, the beginning October, I insisted that she went. My grandmother arrived at Cookeville Regional with pneumonia and a sore throat with severe chest pains. Our RN case manager came into the emergency room with such hopefulness and immediately connected with my grandmother. She explained to my grandmother that she would need tests done on her throat and chest and helped admit her to the hospital. Early the next day the doctor came in and explained my grandmother has a mass in her chest and lungs. This upset our family greatly, as well as my grandmother. When our case manager had heard this news, she came to see our family in the hospital room after her working hours to pray for our family. This gave our family ease, knowing how kind she is and knowing that she will go above and beyond for any family who comes through these doors at CRMC.

September 2022

Samuel Durham, RN, CVICU

My husband suffered sudden cardiac death on Monday, Sept 12, while working on the farm. He was brought by ambulance to CRMC and taken to the CVICU to be assessed. He was put in a room under sedation and that is where we met Sam already at work taking care of my husband. It was obvious to us that he truly cares for his patients. He constantly monitored vital signs, while making him as comfortable as possible. Through a long process of cooling his body down and then slowly warming him back up, this nurse worked tirelessly to take care of his every need while answering my questions and seeing to my comfort as well. My husband’s condition has a 3% recovery rate and because of this nurses’ knowledge, skill, and level of detail, he upped my husband’s chances to survive. The entire CVICU staff was excellent but Sam stood out as MORE caring and MORE giving. We are thankful we know him, an outstanding nurse and human being.

August 2022

Todd Arnold, RN, ICU

The nomination came from the granddaughter of a patient who was in the hospital beginning Memorial Day 2022 and was in the ICU for a week. The patient was extremely agitated, but the granddaughter calmed her down by singing church hymns to her. Todd saw her doing this and asked if he could bring the piano in. “What happened next was a shocking display of just how much this nurse cares for their patients. They brought in an electric piano and several ICU workers I did not know, including a physician, to accompany with singing. The nurse played several hymns for my grandma. I wish I had recorded it. It was truly unbelievable. They sang for close to 30 minutes and had a concert just for my grandma which calmed her down completely. The nurse, and the student nurse, as well as many others went FAR beyond any expectation I had ever hoped for. I am forever grateful for this nurse initiating this special concert. Nominating for a DAISY Award is the least I can do. Thank you so much for this kind gesture and for making wonderful memories of Cookeville Regional Medical Center.” Congratulations, Todd!

July 2022

Pam Farish, RN, 6N

She is a very caring nurse who spares no expense when it comes to her patients and their family. A patient was admitted to her unit with abdominal pain and decreased appetite. It was found that he had a very aggressive B Cell Lymphoma. She spent countless hours with the patient's significant other throughout the day explaining the disease and answered any questions she had. When the patient and significant other decided they needed to get married that day. She made the referral to the chaplain to begin the process. She then began calling other departments of the hospital. She called the gift shop and asked for a bouquet to be made. She called the kitchen and asked for them to make a wedding cake. She called another department who had an electric keyboard and requested music. She obtained some decorations for their room from another department. It was truly amazing watching her continue to make efforts to make this a special time for the patient and his spouse. She was there for the "ceremony" and helping to take some photos for the lovely couple. She made sure they had a souvenir cake topper plates and utensils. She continued her amazing care for the rest of the day and the following days by various different things but especially by bringing meals from the kitchen to the patient and spouse so they could spend their time together and so the wife wouldn't miss a visit from a doctor. She is truly an angel. I am so happy our paths have crossed.

June 2022

Stephen Sarr, RN, 4N

I had been sick for a very long time before coming in to the ER. I am scared of hospitals and was not looking forward to my stay after being admitted. I was moved floors a few times during my weeks stay and was treated okay but once I got to this nurses’ care, my heart was at peace. He was the most gentle, soft spoken, and caring nurse I think I have ever met in all my life. He went above and beyond to help me understand all my medical issues, (which ended up being several unexpected long-term/life-changing issues). He reassured me that I would be okay and he would be with me every step of the way while I was under his care. He kept my mind busy by asking about my family and my grandson (who is my world!). Every time he came into my room he had a smile on his face and never acted like I was a bother to him. He even made me laugh a few times during my stay, which was good for my soul. He never put me off or made me wait hours when I needed something, which I experienced on another floor. My husband who is also on oxygen and not in good health would stay with me during the day and this nurse always made sure to check on him and explain everything he was doing to care for me. He was so patient and could tell by looking at me, some days, if I needed certain meds or if I needed to be checked on more frequently. I truly believe I made the recovery I did because of the kind heart he has. He made me feel like family, like I was important, and that I mattered. I will forever be thankful for my nurse and the love in his heart. This man is going to do great things in his life, and I hope he always knows how much he means to everyone he cares for.

May 2022

Brooklyn Cantrell, RN, ICU

She made my dad feel at ease being here. I could see the look in his eyes when he told me about her, just that short amount of time he was proud to have known her. She made him feel as if she truly cared not as if he were just a part of her job. She made him feel like most everyone here at the hospital actually cares. He said she was someone special. She is a special kind of nurse and probably deserves more accolades than this award can give. She did/does her job well and did/does it with feeling. I’m sure she’s touched other patients just as deeply. Unfortunately, my father passed away 5/6, but I know he wanted me to recognize her.

April 2022

Autumn Sims, RN, labor and delivery

Her selflessness and bravery played a large role in keeping our doula in the room and therefore making my wife’s birthing process a highly favorable one.

February 2022

John Beal, RN, 5N

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the amazing care my father has received during his stay at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. In life, we experience the good and the bad of almost everything but rarely have the opportunity to truly experience the exemplary, the best of the best. My father, a 78-year-old Army veteran with a multitude of health issues, was admitted to the COVID unit. Despite the pain, discomfort, and mental exhaustion my father was in, John was able to make a connection with him immediately and put him at ease. He was very attentive to his needs and treated my father with respect and dignity. John was very knowledgeable and had a way of speaking and explaining things that was easy for my dad to understand. Perhaps what I appreciated the most about John was how easily it was for my father to come to trust them. He had complete faith that if John said he would do it, it would be done. And in the event of a delay, he frequently stopped by to provide updates. It was like he instinctively knew what my father needed to keep his mind at ease. Perhaps the thing that impressed me the most was when John called the room, on his day off, to check on him. I had the pleasure of watching John over the course of 4 days. The service and attentiveness were top-notch, but what was most comforting was the friendly, family atmosphere that was created. In fact, my father even commented, that despite the pain and discomfort, he was actually enjoying himself.

January 2022

Ken Potter, RN, emergency department

My three-year-old daughter had an ER visit for nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. She had been sick for 48 hours and was pitiful. Even though I am a nurse, she is my BABY! This nurse reassured me she would be okay and made me feel comfortable. I knew she would need an IV for hydration and he got her in one stick. I am eternally grateful for his nursing skills and how quickly he completed the orders given. I pray we never have another ER visit, but if we do, I would hope to have this nurse again! He is most certainly where he needs to be.

December 2021

Donna Buttrum, RN, 5East

I was admitted to CRMC with COVID pneumonia for 10 days. I needed to go to the restroom and on my way back to the bed, I felt very weak. Donna got me into bed and immediately put me on BiPAP. She was so calm and cool about the situation that I didn't realize that my oxygen level had dropped to 60. With her being calm, I was calm. I gave my daughter-in-law’s number to be the contact, due to her being a nurse. Donna called her at any time during the night, no matter how late, to give updates. She always checked on me, even when she had rotated to another patient assignment. I am an employee of CRMC, working in Food and Nutrition. I believe with all my heart, that God gave me this nurse. It wasn't until the day before I was being discharged that I found out how bad I actually was. I should not have made it. But God knew that this lady would be the one that could get me through this. He was not done with me yet.

November 2021

Amber Jolley, RN, labor and delivery

My husband and I had been praying for a baby for years. Once we finally found out we were expecting and made it through that first trimester, I was faced with a sub-chorionic hematoma. The sound of the diagnosis alone was enough to scare me, but knowing that it was cause to be monitored more closely caused some anxiety. Fast forward to the third trimester and we were referred to the high-risk doctor due to IUGR. Our little girl just didn’t seem to be gaining weight like she should have been. I was scheduled to be induced early as my physicians were concerned about my placenta failing to provide baby with all she needed. When admitted to the hospital, I was a nervous wreck. I felt like my husband and I had been on such a long journey to get our little girl earth side happy, healthy, and strong. I had so many questions and concerns throughout the entire laboring process. My nurse, Amber, went above and beyond to ensure that I was as comfortable and educated as I could be throughout the entire process. She thoroughly answered any questions, and if she did not know the answer, she would seek out someone who did. That alone comforted me in knowing that she was working to make sure the information she provided was accurate. When it came time to push she never left my side. As soon as our little one was born, she was placed on my chest but there was no crying. A team immediately came and took her from me and began working on her in the corner. As a new Mom, all I could do was cry. I cried in fear for my daughter and her well-being. Amber remained by my side and kept me informed throughout the entire process. She reassured me that she was going to be okay and continued to encourage me as the placenta was delivered. Amber may never fully know the impact that she had on me and my husband, but she provided care and encouragement in one of the scariest times of our lives. Although we remained in the hospital for several days after delivery and we were moved to a regular room out of her department, she came to check on us each shift she had while we were there! Her job description didn’t require she invest herself the way she did, but she displayed a true love for her job, her patients, and their needs.

October 2021

Jacqueline Cox , RN, 6N, medical/oncology

My niece is nonverbal and handicapped. She has been a patient for a week with pneumonia. It is a challenge to care for her, as she is not able to answer questions or volunteer information when she is in distress. Historically, her condition can change rapidly. After a few days as a patient, she seemed to be getting slightly better, when suddenly her oxygen dropped, her temp shot up, and her heart rate increased alarmingly. Jackie jumped into action. She repositioned her to best help her breathing, suctioned her to free her air passage, ordered an immediate breathing treatment, and much more. After placing cold washcloths at various parts of her body, Jackie stood guard at her bedside, making more decisions and adjustments until the situation was under control. She even held my niece’s hand to give her comfort. For the rest of the shift, Jackie was constantly checking on her. The next day Jackie was no longer assigned to my niece, but she stopped in to see how she was. I am amazed at how the nurse was able to think fast and make smart decisions, addressing every aspect of the situation. She not only displayed excellent nursing skills, but also leadership and natural compassion for the patient.

September 2021

Kellie King, ASN, RN, 4E, neuro stepdown

My dad came in looking like a stroke patient. Kellie worked with me non-stop because I kept telling everyone that, "This is not my dad!" She believed me when I talked. My dad finally came out of a "COVID stroke" because she fought for him to get off the narcotics. She demanded that he not be catheterized so that he could continue to walk and not develop pneumonia. This all sounds so simple, but when you are alone in a hospital, around the clock, for days, you are looking for guidance in these unprecedented times. She saved us.