Cookeville Regional now offers non-invasive imaging studies to help diagnose heart conditions. Using CT to obtain detailed pictures of the heart, physicians are sometimes able to use these images to help diagnose coronary artery disease, or blockages in the heart arteries, and to estimate your future risk of having a heart attack.

Using MRI to produce detailed images of the beating heart, physicians are able to study the structure and function of heart muscle and therefore may be able to determine the cause of a patient’s heart failure or to identify the specific location of tissue damage due to a heart attack.

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How will I get my results?

An interpreting physician (usually a radiologist) will read your exam and make a final diagnosis. His interpretation will be converted to a written report, which will be sent to the physician who ordered your exam. Your physician should present the findings of your exam to you. You may also sign up for a patient portal account at mycrmchealth.org to read your results online.