Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to produce pictures of organs and structures inside the body. MRI will often provide physicians with more information and detail than that provided by other imaging methods.

For an MRI test, the section of the body being evaluated is placed inside a special machine that contains a strong magnet. The digital images produced by the MRI are then saved and stored on computer for further study.

3T MRI now available

Higher resolution imaging

One of the most advanced systems of its type, the 3T MRI is currently the strongest magnet available for use in a clinical setting and allows our radiologists to get wonderfully clear pictures of many parts of the body to help your physician with a more precise diagnosis as well as earlier detection of disease in many cases. It is especially useful in imaging of the joints, extremities, brain, spinal cord and breast and when there is a need to see smaller features or more parts of the body at the same time.


The 3T MRI machine utilizes technology that allows more space and greater comfort for the patient as compared to the traditional MRI. In many cases, exams with the 3T are also much faster.

Patient instructions

  • Go about normal activities and take any prescribed medications, as ordered by your physician.
  • You will be asked to change into hospital-provided clothing.
  • If you are a female between the ages of 10 and 60, notify the technologist if you are pregnant.

How will I get my results?

An interpreting physician (usually a radiologist) will read your exam and make a final diagnosis. His interpretation will be converted to a written report, which will be sent to the physician who ordered your exam. Your physician should present the findings of your exam to you. You may also sign up for a patient portal account at to read your results online.

Breast, prostate and cardiac MRI imaging

At CRMC, we have some of the most advanced equipment and software. All of our scanners have short bore open architecture, with two of the machines having 70 cm bores offering more space for patient comfort. We offer a wide range of MRI imaging services and some of the most advanced imaging. Some of our advanced services are breast, cardiac and prostate MRI. Many times, these exams are ordered after an illness or disease process has been diagnosed. While not staging necessarily, MRI can offer physicians the ability to see how advanced a process is to assist with treatment planning. MRI is just one of the many advanced technologies CRMC offers to our community.

Breast MRI

CRMC was the first hospital to perform breast MRI in the Upper Cumberland. We are a part of the Women's Center at Cookeville Regional Medical Center, which has been recognized by the American College of Radiology as a "Breast Center of Excellence." In addition to being a part of a Breast Center of Excellence, all of CRMC's MRI breast imaging is performed on a 3 Tesla MRI scanner, double the resolution over the average 1.5 Tesla scanner.

Prostate MRI

CRMC is the only facility in the Upper Cumberland region that performs prostate MRI exams. While we currently do not do multiparametric prostate MRI, we are a leader in the imaging of the prostate, guiding physicains and patients into the next phase of treatment. This exam can be performed at the Outpatient Imaging Center (OIC) on our 3 Tesla MRI scanner. The 3 Tesla scanner allows us the technology to perform this exam with no invasive measures, providing a much more pleasant experience for the patient.

Cardiac MRI

CRMC is again the only facility in the Upper Cumberland offering this unique service. We have a dedicated team of cardiologists with Dr. Ashley Nickerson leading our Cardiovascular Advanced Imaging Services here at CRMC. The MRI cardiac imager is one of the most advanced scanners on the market today, providing patients with some of the best diagnostic studies available.