Whether you are a patient in the hospital or your physician has referred you to our outpatient lab for testing, you will rest assured in knowing that the clinical laboratory at Cookeville Regional is dedicated to providing accurate, timely, informative and cost-effective testing.

Our staff is a highly skilled and dedicated medical team of pathologists, clinical laboratory scientists, laboratory assistants and patient service representatives working together as a team to provide your physicians with valuable data to determine the presence, extent or absence of disease. The information we provide your physician also helps in determining the effectiveness of treatment. Although we are often behind the scenes, we are dedicated to patient health and find great satisfaction in our work to help you and save lives.

Our full-service clinical laboratory serves Cookeville Regional Medical Center as well as physician offices, clinics and nursing homes in our surrounding community. We perform more than 1.5 million tests and procedures each year.

The clinical laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathology.