Julie Hawes

"They treat you like you're the only patient they have."

Julie Hawes of Sparta was having repeated bouts with what she thought was gastric reflux, but a trip to the ER at Cookeville Regional revealed she had had a heart attack.

A kidney patient awaiting her third transplant, Hawes needed dialysis before she could undergo surgery, so she received dialysis in her room at Cookeville Regional that day. One week later, Dr. Lewis Wilson performed a triple cardiac bypass. The surgery was a success, and Hawes was able to go on to receive her transplant three months later.

Although Hawes has been a patient in several large, metropolitan hospitals, she says that Cookeville Regional is her favorite by far.

“I think the care here is just as good or better,” said Hawes. “There, you’re just a patient — a number. Here, you’re a person, and they’re interested in what’s happening in your life.”

It’s that kind of care that has helped Cookeville Regional to achieve its rank among the Healthgrades® Top 5% in the Nation for Women’s Health in 2012 and to become one of only 175 hospitals in the U.S. to receive the 2012 Healthgrades Women’s Health Excellence Award ™. And it’s patients like Julie Hawes who make it all worthwhile.