Workplace Wellness

Health Fairs

Health Fairs

“Healthy and happy employees are the foundation of every great company. Hosting a CRMC health fair allows our employees to learn more about their well-being and take preemptive steps to maintain good health. The on-site screenings are a convenient option versus a lengthy doctor’s office visit. It’s more than just a health fair – it’s an investment in the people we care about.”
Tom Jones, Co-owner and General Manager
“The City of Cookeville has partnered with Cookeville Regional Medical Center over the last several years to offer its employees the opportunity to participate in on-site health screenings. These screenings have been a vital part of early detection of serious health conditions for several employees. The on-site screenings also allow employees that normally would not take the time go to the doctor a way to keep check on issues such as blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, etc. These tests have proven to be very beneficial to the City and its employees.”
Michelle Young, Human Resources Support Services Technician
City of Cookeville

Comprehensive lab studies along with baseline assessments can be completed on-site for your convenience by our qualified staff. Based on the results of the health screening, each individual will receive a personal health profile. Included in the profile will be results from blood analysis; biometric assessments such as height/weight, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level, body fat and BMI; and educational literature for individuals based on their results.

Your organization will be provided with statistical information concerning the general health of the participants, e.g., percentage of high cholesterol and percentage of high blood pressure findings. This information will serve as a guide to assist your organization in planning follow-up health programs to better meet participant’s needs. All individual results will be kept confidential.

Blood analysis
A series of blood tests is available for participants to choose from at an affordable rate. A medical professional at Cookeville Regional will review each employee’s blood tests and make a recommendation as to whether a follow-up with a physician is required. 

The Lab Studies Most Often Requested Are:

Lipid Panel
This test will give results for total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol), and a coronary heart disease risk factor.

Complete Chemistry Profile
A multiple organ system survey that includes over 20 individual tests. Kidney, liver, heart, bone, muscle and pancreas function are all evaluated. In addition, the profile can detect nutritional status and certain blood disorders of the body.

Prostate-Specific Antigen
A marker for cancer of the prostate.

We can offer numerous other blood tests as well. For a complete listing and pricing, please contact the Workplace Wellness Manager at (931) 783-2743.

Other Services

Lung cancer screenings are available for $99 for those who meet certain criteria. Learn more.

Other services for employers such as TB skin testing, bone density and flu shots (during flu season) are also available.

We also offer:

·        Hepatitis B Vaccination series and follow up

·        First Aid and CPR Training

·        Bloodborne Pathogen Training

·        Respiratory Fit Testing

·        Onsite Smoking Cessation Program




On-Site Health Clinic

On-Site Health Clinic

A health unit located at your facility can be a convenient and beneficial resource for providing on-site diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries for your employees.

The health units are set up to be private, equipped for a variety of services, and professionally staffed. An occupational health registered nurse can render first aid, monitor employees on leaves of absence, and conduct educational programs for your facility. Services also include providing workplace accident education and management, oversight and organization of preventative health screenings and health fairs, administration of preventative care shots, and basic health care. Primary-care services can be provided by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant on-site to employees with work-related and nonwork-related illnesses.

Having a medical professional within your facility will also expedite care within Cookeville Regional Medical Center when emergency care, outpatient procedures (including lab studies) or imaging services are needed.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

“Cookeville Regional offers ease of scheduling and the ability to help us identify the right worker for the right job.”

George Dixon

The Rehabilitation Center at Cookeville Regional can provide many services and programs for area businesses.

Programs can be utilized in a variety of ways, including pre-employment analysis of abilities, work conditioning, functional capacity evaluations and physical therapy or occupational therapy evaluations. Programs can then be implemented to address your facility’s needs based upon evaluations.

Also, The Rehabilitation Center at Cookeville Regional has a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. 

Corporate Physicals

Corporate Physicals

“We decided to do this because our company really cares about our employees and we want them to be around for a long time. The entire process went so smoothly. It ran like clockwork and it’s hard to beat the reasonable cost. This will be an annual event for our company.”

Mark Ligon, Vice President
Micro Metals Inc., Jamestown

The corporate physical program is a preventative health and wellness initiative designed to provide a more comprehensive approach to health care.

The corporate physical is an exam that includes a thorough evaluation by a medical professional and diagnostic and laboratory testing such as EKG, lung function and chest X-ray. More advanced testing, such as CAT scans, are available for individuals who have identified risk factors. Clients receive an expedited registration process along with personal care each step of the way. Clients receive a complete summary packet along with all medical results. We follow up with the client’s physician after testing and assessment are complete.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center will work with you to customize your health program to meet all of your health care needs for today and tomorrow.