Cookeville Regional Medical Group

Cookeville Regional Medical Group

The Physician Associates of Cookeville Regional is now known as the Cookeville Regional Medical Group (CRMG).  CRMG is a multi-specialty group consisting of primary care and specialty physicians dedicated to caring for you and your family.   

The growing trend nationwide is physician employment by hospitals.  Some physicians have chosen to become employed by Cookeville Regional, allowing them to spend less time on managing their practice and more time with the patient.   However, Cookeville Regional has over 200 physicians on its active medical staff, many of whom are not employed by the hospital. For more information about our entire staff of physicians, click here for our physician directory.

The Cookeville Regional Medical Group has several locations in Cookeville to serve you.

128 North Whitney – 931-783-5848

Family Practice
Eric Lisic, D.O.
Crystal Martin, M.D.
Cedric Palmer, M.D.
Hunter Stenzel, D.O.
Michael Rawdon, FNP (Nurse Practitioner)
Internal Medicine
Lora Worsham, M.D.
Emily Gentry, NP (Nurse Practitioner)

438 North Whitney – 931-783-2616

Maan Anbari, M.D.
Phillip Bertram, M.D.
Joyce Bremer, M.D.
Suneel Tammana, M.D.
Michael Zelig, M.D.

CRMC Professional Office Building, 145 West 4th Street, Suite 201 – 931-783-5848
Infectious Diseases
Mark Pierce, M.D.

Lee Ray Crowe, M.D.
Qurrat Shamim, M.D.

Randy Gaw, M.D.
Ronak Jani, M.D.
Sangeetha Pabolu, M.D.

CRMC Professional Office Building, 145 West 4th Street, Suite 102 – 931-783-2143

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Bernadette Hee, M.D.
Hima Kona, M.D.
Ndubuisi Okafor, M.D.

Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
David Henson, MD
Vijay Rupanagudi, MD

228 West 4th Street, Suite 301 – 931-526-4349
Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracic Surgery
G. Todd Chapman, MD
Timothy Powell, MD
Lewis Wilson, Jr, MD
Melissa Carolan, NP (Nurse Practitioner)

127 North Oak, Suite A (CRMC Diabetes Center) – 931-783-2648
Rohini Kasturi, MD

228 West 4th Street, Suite 200 – 931-372-0405 or 888-391-0048

Tennessee Heart
Mariano Battaglia, MD
Stacy Brewington, MD
Alex Case, MD
Brian Dockery, MD
Timothy Fournet, MD
Michael Lenhart, MD
Thomas Little, MD
Scott Reising, MD
Gary Reynolds, MD
Joshua Spencer, MD
Mark Wathen, MD