Cookeville Regional is committed to providing an environment that supports caregivers and the healing process. When nurses and other health care professionals measure Cookeville Regional against other places, we think you will find we rate high in the following areas:

  • Challenging but rewarding work.
  • Opportunities for growth and development.
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment required for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Greater than average nurse to patient staffing ratios.
  • Progressive leadership and supervision.
  • Positive working relationships with our medical staff and other health professionals.

With dedicated specialty floors in the areas of medicine, surgery, pediatrics, pulmonology, cardiac stepdown, and ortho-neuro along with two critical care units - one for med-surg intensive care and another for cardiac intensive care - there is a wide range of skill and service opportunities for nurses at our facility to share their talents. For those individuals who have a commitment to care for others, we believe Cookeville Regional is an ideal place for them to practice nursing and pursue their passion.

With studies showing there is a correlation between the quality and quantity of nursing care and patient complications experienced in hospital settings, Cookeville Regional is proud to tout the scope of its ongoing investment in nursing service across the medical center.

In anticipation of the current, acute nursing shortage the U.S. faces right now, CRMC started the ball rolling a few years ago to “grow our own” nurses in the face of a shrinking overall supply of caregivers. This “grow our own” strategy currently includes:

  • Critical care courses and preceptor training offered on-site that prepares nurses within the medical center to step into the critical care environment - a six to nine month program of special in-house training for nurses to add the required skills, competencies and experience so staff can then work in our Intensive Care (ICU) and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Units (CVICU).
  • Two full-time RN educators offering formal training and “in the department” teaching for critical care and medical/surgical services.
  • An “LPN to RN” program to offer encouragement and financial assistance for those LPNs who choose to pursue the necessary course requirements so they can qualify as Registered Nurses.

In addition, working closely with the School of Nursing at TTU and other colleges, CRMC places numerous interns from the School across the medical center so they can gain practical experience plus have an introduction to our organization.

This “grow our own” strategy is part of the medical center’s overall commitment to nursing that makes us compare favorably with other hospitals in the region. We are confident that CRMC’s continued investment in and commitment to nursing services and staffing meets or exceeds the norm across our region. CRMC plans to maintain this distinguishing feature for the benefit of our patients and our community.