CRMC Adds Dedicated Pediatric Unit

In August 2011, Cookeville Regional opened a new five-bed, dedicated pediatrics unit. The facility is cheerfully decorated with large murals of butterflies, dragonflies and caterpillars, and the exam room is decked out in a firehall-inspired theme complete with a firetruck-shaped exam table. Each patient room features a different theme, including space, jungle, and underwater motifs, as well as a couch bed, a TV and video games.

"In adult rooms, we try to use soft, soothing colors. We let in lots of natural light, because research has proven that beneficial," said Linda Crawford, chief clinical officer at CRMC. "But for kids, to have something that's fun to look at, it makes things a little more comfortable for them, hopefully it won't be so scary for them."

This will be the first time in 20 years that the hospital has had a dedicated pediatrics unit. Because the hospital does not typically see many pediatric patients, the former unit was closed, and pediatric patients have since been treated alongside adults in whichever unit housed their needed treatment. However, now that CRMC has added several pediatric hospitalists to its staff, Crawford expects they will be seeing an increase in pediatric patients.

"It's going to be beneficial to get them into their own area," she said.